the finest, most comfortable, and uniquely designed knives

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“Outdoorsmen are drawn to knives like women are to shoes, and I admittedly have a lot of inferior knives that I never use, especially since I discovered VA Blade knives. These are the finest, most comfortable, and uniquely designed knives I have ever held in my hand. When it comes to skinning Whitetails, the “Crosscut” is my personal favorite. It has the feel of a fine surgeons scalpel and is designed to fit the hand in multiple positions depending on the task. I also love my Marshall’s Oyster knife with it’s built in beverage opener. What a quality alternative to show off at your next oyster shuckin’. If you want the best, buy a VA Blade, or better yet, buy a ‘pair’!”

J. “Cuda” Jones
Chesterfield, VA

I was impressed by the feel, balance and sharpness

Hank Parker is a fan!


"As an avid outdoorsman, I use a lot of equipment, some good and some not so good. It is really important to me to have good, dependable gear, whether it be a rod and reel, gun, pair of boots, rain suit, knife, etc. I bought my first VA Blade knife and was impressed by the feel, balance and sharpness, but it wasn’t until I used it time after time after time that I really appreciated what an awesome knife it is and I find the same with my second, third and fourth. I guess to sum it all up, you can’t go wrong with a Virginia Blade.

Hank Parker"

thoroughly satisfied with the Wardog Sharpener

We at VA Blade were honored to have received this amazing review from a retired marine. Check it out...


"I am thoroughly satisfied with the Wardog Sharpener made by Virginia Blade. It is so
handy. I love that it is designed similar to a military dog tag. If I was still on active duty,
I would definitely carry this on my dog tag chain. I have used the WarDog sharpener to
sharpen my hunting/skinning knives. It worked so well and it was so easy to use that I
went ahead and sharpened all my steak and kitchen knives with it also. I give the
WarDog my highest endorsement. I highly recommend it to anyone who appreciates
having a sharp knife readily available and the ability to quickly and easily sharpen any
dull blades.
Alan J. M.
USMC Retired
Semper Fi!"