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VA Blade started in the hands of Duke Dudley. To this day, he is still the brains behind the design and quality of every blade. VA Blade knives and sharpeners are patented and tested by the most rugged outdoor environments, culinary chef’s and seasoned military officers. VA Blade is pushing into the medical field and expanding the culinary offerings. These knives consistently meet expectations and go beyond. They have, for many, become an icon of premium hunting and outdoor tools, with quality outperforming the industry over and over again. Repeat purchasing is commonplace among customers. VA Blade stands solidly behind every blade expertly designed, carefully and flawlessly manufactured and delivered in a timely manner. To read more about Duke’s passion and history, check out his story below.

Duke Dudley - the man behind the blade - VA BladeDuke Dudley – the man behind the blade

Duke Dudley is the VA Blade guru. Duke, originally from Altavista, Virginia, worked in metallurgy for the Nuclear Fuel Division of the US Navy for ten years. Duke won many awards for the contributions his inventions made to the military and held leadership positions within the US Marine Corps. Beyond his military career, Duke has extensive experience with welding, construction & demolition, and wildlife control.

Along this life journey, Duke recognized a God-given gift for seeing things differently than other people, a natural curiosity, and a tinkering, inventive wiring. Where others see something simply as broken or ‘as good as it’s gonna get’, Duke sees opportunities for new solutions. Because of his love for hunting and the outdoors and a metallurgical affinity for all things sharp, many of Duke’s ideas have led to innovative gear for hunters and outdoorsmen. Duke’s designs have led to an ever-expanding number of patents and subject matter for magazine articles. Others have recognized the potential to apply Duke’s designs in other areas such as the medical field, and this has given Duke new playgrounds for designing.

Duke is a devoted husband and a father to two beautiful, accomplished daughters. Duke is inspired by his family, and this inspiration drives his passion for uncompromising quality in every product that bears the VA Blade name. Those who know and work extensively with Duke and those who have the fortune simply to meet him at a show know that this passion is genuine and that Duke pridefully pours himself into this work. Duke is a man’s man and VA Blade is proud to offer a line of products that bear his mark.

Here’s how much VA Blade owners love what they have:

"…these knives absolutely exceeded my expectations…"

"The fit and balance of the knife is awesome…"

"Y’all have spoiled me with your quality."

Special Thanks

I thank God for what He has done for me. John 3:16, Revelation 3:20, Matthew 10:16.

Kajer – for believing in me.
(Ka⁄Jer)N 1. KAren – JEssica – Rachel 2. A combination of three English names meaning Three Queens of the Duke Family 3. Three sweet peas of the providence of Duke.

I thank all the Men and Women who serve in our armed forces. As a former Marine myself, I thank you for providing the blanket of freedom and security that keeps us warm at night. Thank you for standing watch over me. ~ Duke